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The best GameBoy Games to play

The best GameBoy Games to play

1. Tetris
First Release: June 14, 1989 (Japan)
Most people would say that Tetris is a wonderful and clever game – and as easy as it is to learn and play it, it’s pretty hard to master. All one had to do was to place some shapes in some certain order so as to complete a kind of line that is automatically cleared, as if you were building puzzles from the very scratch, but each puzzle felt a little different. It was very understandable to new players and made people addicted to such an extent that it invaded their very dreams. Even with several different versions which have come in the past two decades or so, the original portable release was just as playable then as it …

Bethesda deny Fallout 76 will go free-to-play

Bethesda deny Fallout 76 will go free-to-play

We’d be lying if we said Fallout 76 had a great launch. Perhaps it could be classed as the worst video game launch in history (including No Mans Sky). A recent rumor stated the game was about to turn free-to-play, according to sources stating Australian retailer EB Games are reportedly pulling copies of Fallout 76 from store shelves.
Following a post on Twitter in which a Fallout 76 player complained that if it was going free-to-play, they would want a refund, Bethesda replied to say there is no truth to this rumour.

There is no truth to this rumor.
— Bethesda (@bethesda) January 22, 2019

If the game were ever to go down the free-to-play route this would allow more players to play the latest Fallout title, however Bethesda would still need to find a way to deal with dissatisfied customers who already paid …

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