Nintendo Switch Online Price and Games

Brand new Nintendo Switch continue to be teased right up to release date next month.

After the launch titles were not well received a few update shave been revealed, it would seem a few big updates are on the way.

New Nintendo specs have been revealed and it looks like most games game be ported over quite easy. With the console being run by the NVIDIA based graphics chip many PC based games can be very conveniently converted over to the new hybrid console. With many XBOX and PS4 games starting out that way fans can expect a short sharp shock of games within the first year.

The process would only take around a year, according to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, whose comments (via suggest that third-party ports could begin to trickle out from autumn onwards.

Nintendo Switch owners will have to pay between £14-£21 a year to play online multiplayer on the new Nintendo console.

Nintendo even went out an popped a Super Bowl commercial out yesterday during America’s biggest game which can be viewed below

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