Nintendo Break down the switch controller in a new infographic

Nintendo Break down the switch controller in the above info graphic, but what does it tell us? Well firstly Amiibo looks still to be a huge main stay for Nintendo moving into this next gen hybrid, the small figures have a huge collection market and with the limited editions and other specials coming out Nintendo have a real gem there.

Clearly the Joy-con switching (see what i did there) into two controllers is great for multiplayer gaming on the move and that really is another huge pull for this console, Mario Kart never looked so good! The biggest problem here I see is the IR motion, the gimmick of the Wii latest a while and the Wii-u bombed and maybe its time Nintendo drop that whole development time and actually make a stand out console. Just put the same time spent in IR motion into other such like Mario, Zelda games , imagine the games that you would get?

But all in the the Joy-Con’s look great with lots of options , will we see third party versions and Im sure collectors versions etc , the Switch hype is really pushing forward so let’s see 3rd March!

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