New Mass Effect Trailer shows off combat

The first video in a upcoming series of extended Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailers has been released and takes a in depth look into the game’s basic combat system. The video includes weapon and tech types as well as how they all come together in hundreds of possible ways.

There are three types of technology, Milky Way, Remnant and Helios which all can be used with the games four classes of firearms which are Pistol, Shotgun, assault rifle and sniper rifle. There are no class restrictions on which weapon the class can hold, so all characters can wield whatever gun type they wish.

Also there are a ton of melee weapons for when it’s needed. Everything from Krogan Hammers to flashing swords and while they are not anything fancy, strap on a jetpack and off you go.

The last part of the video focuses on how to use it all and how some of the loadout’s work. Plus it looks at Cloaks, Grenades and Biotics! The game is looking quite nice and more video’s will follow in the series as the game draws closer to it’s release date.


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