Ark Park is every team 90’s kid’s dream

The 90’s hit movie Jurassic Park took the youth of the day on a journey, it made all of us hope that one day it could become real and Oh the score was beautiful. Many of us know that we are years away from that ever being able to happen. But the guys at Snail games have come up with something very close to seeing a T-Rex in real life. Ark Park let’s you explore and interact with Dino’s in a variety of Jurassic settings al from the comfort of your sofa and via your VR goggles. Snail Games invited members of Studio Wildcard, the original developers of Ark: Survival Evolved, to see how Ark Park is shaping up.

“Our vision is to create a virtual world where players can explore at their own place and have close encounters with dinosaurs,” executive producer Sky Wu tells me. While the game lacks the ever-present danger of Ark: Survival Evolved, that doesn’t mean it’s a completely passive tour either. “A hard core survival game like Ark: Survival Evolved is too fast paced for VR and might result in discomfort, but we still want core gamers that loved Ark: Survival Evolved to enjoy Ark Park. What we decided to do was make both options available. For core gamers, the game features dinosaur hunting and some hidden elements that are a bit more challenging while the game allows casual players to just hangout, ride, feed dinosaurs and enjoy the view. Overall, Ark Park falls in the casual game category with some optional hardcore elements.”

Ark park has two modes, a single player and multiplayer game and it’s not just all about cuddling up and giving them hugs. You will embark on excursions and different attractions where you can have fun with different creatures and plants. Check out the video below

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