The Division: Last Stand DLC & 1.6 Out Tomorrow

Ubisoft Massive are releasing the final DLC for Tom Clancy’s The Division on Tuesday 28th Feb, titled Last Stand.
All players of The Division will receive a free update (patch 1.6) which includes many new features, including an expanded Dark Zone called Dark Zone North (DZ07-DZ09) Dark Zone Contamination events, gear re-balancing, a brand new Incursion and more.

The separate Last Stand DLC is a dedicated PvP game mode, something hardcore players of The Division have been asking for since the games launch back in March 2016. It features a ‘Domination’ type game mode which pits 16 players split into 2 teams (8v8) where the objective is to capture certain points around the map indicated by A, B or C. A game of Last Stand will finish when a certain team has collected enough data, this is obtained by keeping capture points secure.

Last Stand will be out on all platforms at the same time, no exclusivity for PC or Xbox One which means PS4 players will not have to wait 30 Days unlike the previous 2 DLCs.

This marks the final DLC from Year 1 of The Division.
Massive have confirmed that they will carry on updating the game post 1.6, which is great news for all fans of the game.

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