Ladies and Gentleman I present The Nintendo Switch

So after a few days with the Switch I can now say I have played enough to give a honest opinion on Nintendo’s latest machine. Let’s start with the fact it took me 3 hours and a few telephone calls to get one! Yep everywhere and I mean everywhere was sold out, call after after call each and every store walk in came up with the same answer, NO!. So I managed to get one in a local supermarket and after another few visits to find a copy of Zelda , Yep sold out as well in most places, I sat down and unboxed this bad boy.

Ok let’s start with the issues, I feel its only fair to do so. The box contains your dock , the screen and the joy cons and that my friends is my only issue, the Joy Cons. They fit well in your hand, surprisingly they really work well when you slide them in the control pad holder but you can only charge them when they are connected to the screen in the dock. Unless of course you buy the chargeable Joy Con holder and that friends is my issue. Everything has a buyable extension to do a job that really the console should be doing anyway. At a UK price of £279.99 you would think the control pads could at least be charged with out docking the screen. But on the whole is a very small issue when you think about it.

But the console does win in every other department, on the big screen while it’s docked the graphics are stunning and the games play very well. The way the design has been put together makes everything so easy to set up and then you just pop the screen in and off you go. What Nintendo have made is a console, a few gimmicks yeah but at it’s heart its a console! But this has one thing that I’m sure both Sony and Microsoft wished they had and that’s the ability to just pop it and walk away from the TV and game on the go.

I’ll be honest I have spent most of my time in Hand Held mode and its so nice to play. It looks quite big but its so well designed it just works when you put your hands on it, the screen and the colors look superb and takes nothing away from any cartridge you put in the console. The games coming out are sure fire hits, Mario Kart , Mario , Xenoblade and so on but already this console has one of the best games of this generation and for some it will be ‘the’ best! Zelda is worth just grabbing this console for.

Nintendo spent time marketing this console and also put time into creating a outstanding launch title in Zelda. They have actually done what many thought they wouldn’t and put out a decent all round games console and they have done it very well. They have clearly out sold there expectations with even Amazon sold out, maybe the big two will now have a new old boy to contend with and if the last few days are anything to go by its now a great time to be a gamer! And its a nice time to finally say “Welcome back to the party Nintendo” its mighty fine to see you back.

Go play one and go have some fun with the switch. Enjoy Hyrule and hopefully I’ll share a few races on Mario Kart with you soon but most of all,  Ladies and Gentleman I present The Nintendo Switch.

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