Boss Key opens up about Lawbreakers coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Cliff Bleszinski has given word on weather his latest project Lawbreakers, an arena-based first person shooter will be ported over to home consoles following it’s PC release.

Speaking with Destructoid, former Epic Games designer Cliff indicated an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release isn’t out of the question, but Boss Key Productions will not be the one to port the game.

“People are like ‘You’re never coming to console,’ and I’m like ‘I never said that’,” he said. “Boss Key is 40 people. Even if we wanted to do a console version, we couldn’t right now.”

“We wouldn’t be able to do the port ourselves. We’d need a really great partner that could knock it out of the park, keep it 60Hz, nail the controls, and make it fantastic.”

“Some of the Epic engineers came over and we had a conversation where I was like ‘Good luck porting this to consoles.’ One of them looked at me and said ‘Titanfall’s crazy wall-jumping, wall-running, and verticality, and that works on PC and console.’ With the right amount of aim-assist and the right amount of little tricks, I could see it working. I wouldn’t want to do the cross-platform play, though. I don’t think the effort’s worth the outcome there.”

“The bigger a company gets, the more accountability happens, the more things get overthought. When that happens, creativity suffers. I’m not saying great things can’t come out of big companies, but I’m saying that it’s harder than in small companies.”

Only time will tell if this game is successful and a bigger studio will pick it up to port.

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