Travel Nintendo Switch DIY Dock you may need

Nintendo Switch had a pretty successful launch, many have bought and enjoyed the new console in both hand held and docked mode but there have been many complaints regarding the touchscreen sliding in to the dock to play on the TV. People have reported screen scratches and damage caused by the very cheap looking plastic docks and have complained to Nintendo. Baring in mind the dock has extremely limited tech inside and is essentially a HDMI and charger station its a rather bulky and large bundle to achieve the two things required from it.

Reddit user Jolimon has taken on the task of upgrading the dock and the results so far are very impressive. 3D printing a much smaller dock Jolimon then removed all the tech from the Nintendo Dock and went about placing it in the new one. The much smalled dock has a reduced form factor and allows users to use longer USB cables so it can be stored anywhere. The design itself is still being worked on, Jolimon has stated that they’ll start taking orders soon.

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