Top 10 SNES Games

The Super Nintendo console is still considered by some to be the best Nintendo Console every released, some even go as far to say it was the best ever console released period. So sitting here and pondering if I owned one now what games would I want to play? Over and over it goes and I think now I have it in my mind what 10 games are a must for the console, so here goes!

Number 10 :


Its has to be this future racer, it’s a absolute must for this console and its so much fun to play.

Number 9 :


Side scrolling shooters are hard and fast and this is the grand daddy of em all, worth its weight in gold

Number 8 :

Super Mario RPG

As Mario go this is more like Final Fantasy meets, but its a great game and tells a great story! How there hasnt been a sequel is beyond me.

Number 7 :

Street Fighter 2 Turbo

I really do not need to introduce this and unless you have lived under a rock you will be more than aware of this 2d classic!

Number 6 :

Judge Dredd

This is will a talking point of this list, but I enjoy this game no end and is a 2d platform game with balls.

Number 5 :

Super Mario World

Perfection and Mario seem to go together and this game is a staple for any SNES collection.

Number 4 :

Super Mario Kart

A console seller to say the least and this franchise has gone on to feature on every nintendo console since its debut.

Number 3 :

Final Fantasy 3

Like Mario Kart Final Fantasy has gone on to feature on many consoles. This is a great example of early story telling.

Number 2 :


For its time Starfox is a great looking game and so fun to play. Follow Fox and his friends in a epic space battle.

Number 1 :

The legend of Zelda – A link to the past

This is Zelda and its pure finest. Its a perfect game all around and if you need a Zelda history lesson this game is a good place to start.

So that’s my list guys, do you agree? Have i left anything out? Use the comments below to let me know!

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