Floigan Bro’s Dreamcast DLC now available

Back in 2001 when the Dreamcast was discontinued, Floigan Bros was still in development. It came to the console about 4 months after Sega announced the console was no more, it was one of the first games to use the Dreamcast’s online innovations and actually took advantage of having one of the first ever DLC packages.

For the players of the game it would been access to a 12 month packed full of goodies that included outfits and a new mini game. Floigan Bros was actually one of the first games to test the very unpopular process of having on disc DLC, which meant at a certain time the content would unlock for players. With that said the on disc DLC was said to be free.

But now and thanks to the games developers the DLC is now available for players and owners of the game.

The DLC was due to be unlocked by a save file on the Dreamcast after it was downloaded. Many developers have stated that many of the features and content was never unlocked in the lifespan of the game.

The Dreamcast is very much still alive and kicking. What do you think to Sega’s last console?

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