Say Goodbye to PS3

After over 10 years on sale, Sony is ending production of PlayStation 3 units-in Japan at least. This doesn’t necessarily mean global production will cease any time soon, however. For example, while the PS3 came to Japan and North America in November 2006, it didn’t launch in Brazil until 2010, so production could be expected to continue for some time there.

Different game shops across the country are saying that Sony will actually cease shipments this month everywhere in Japan. It’s hard to believe that the PlayStation 3 is over a decade old, but it actually launched back in November 2006!

The PlayStation 3 soared in terms of success. It had two iterations after the original PS3. The Slim was then released in 2009, while the Super Slim (with a massive 500GB storage) released in 2012. Eventually, they were replaced with the PlayStation 4 in 2013

So while the PS3 may still be around for a short while, in Japan at least it seems the console may soon stop production.

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