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Destiny 2 was officially announced earlier this week. Of course we all knew a Destiny sequel was coming, but this is the first time Bungie or Activision have referred to the project with a title.

The Destiny 2 debut trailer can be seen below

Here’s the synopsis of the story in Destiny 2 pulled from a retail listing.
Please note, it has been translated, so there will be grammatical errors:

“From the creators of Destiny, a highly acclaimed game, the extremely anticipated sequel is coming up. A first person action shooter that places you in an epic adventure through the Solar System.

“The Last City on Earth has fallen before an overwhelming invasive force under Ghaul, the towering commander of the Red Legion. Guardians are running out of power, and the few survivors have left.

Sony has confirmed that Destiny 2 will offer PS4-Exclusive content for a limited time, much like the original.

Destiny 2 is being launched on September 8th on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and will have its first gameplay reveal on May 18.

Hit the link below to Pre-Order Destiny 2!

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