Sega vs Nintendo is back!

Most of us are used to hearing about Xbox One vs PS4, but there’s a retro console rivalry that’s just as interesting – the Nintendo Classic Mini vs the Sega Mega Drive Classic.
After Nintendo announced it was to re-release the NES console, news came that a Sega Mega Drive – or Sega Genesis in the US – was also getting the re-release treatment.

Sega vs Nintendo – The consoles explained

When it comes to the Mega Drive, the console isn’t built by Sega, but licensed by third-party manufacturer ATGames. ATGames has been making an emulation box for years, and has merely rebranded its product for this year.

The NES Classic Edition, on the other hand, is being built by Nintendo, and is a miniaturized version of the original NES from 1985.

Also, while the NES hooks up to your telly via the HDMI cable, Sega fans will need to hook up via old fashioned AV cables – another clue that the Mega Drive console isn’t exactly an official re-release. It’s also worth bearing in mind you’ll need an AC adapter for the USB cable which powers the NES classic as the adapter doesn’t come bundled with the console itself.



The Megadrive does come with 80 games built-in. Among the bundled games are every Sonic title released for the platform, as well as the three original Mortal Kombat titles.

The Nintendo alternative however, comes with only 30 games preinstalled and no way to play old cartridges. It also doesn’t look like the company is going to make it possible to add more games as there’s been no suggestion of online connectivity for future downloads.

The Nintendo Classic Mini has been available since November 2016, retailing for £49.99. The Mega Drive is also currently available – and has been since at least 2012 – including the newest rebrand, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Note that, due to high demand, the Nintendo Classic Mini has suffered from availability issues and some retailers have inflated their prices as a result.

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