Pokémon GO wins best mobile game of 2016, has 65+ million users monthly

Earlier this month, there was a story about Pokémon GO‘s daily player count and its large decline since launch. The word is that the mobile sensation’s daily player count has dropped from the initially absurd 30 million players per day to 5 million.

That’s still a big number for a game, no doubt, but it isn’t anywhere near the title’s initial pace.

In a post thanking players, the Niantic Team revealed that Pokémon GO 65+ million people from around the world every month. Essentially, what at launch occurred in two days for player counts now takes one month. Again, to be expected, but one has to think Niantic and Nintendo want even more from this title.

This post is actually a sum up of all the awards Pokémon GO‘s earned so far, thus the “thank you” that sits in its headline. The most recent award comes from BAFTA as Pokémon GO won Best Mobile and Handheld Game in 2016. Do you agree with that award? I honestly do, the amount of fun and the community the game built in the summer of 2016 was amazing. AR games will never be the same after Pokémon GO.

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