Star Wars: Battlefront II will feature split-screen multiplayer

Star Wars Battlefront II is a friend to those who enjoy multiplayer sessions from the sanctity of a comfortable couch. As confirmed by Xbox Wire, the console versions of the game, both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, will support split-screen multiplayer for simple plug-and-play fun.

However, this option will not be available on the PC version, and online multiplayer will be the only way to play with friends. EA decided to axe split-screen support from the previous game’s PC version as well back in 2015.

And exclusive to the console version of Star Wars Battlefront II will be two-player offline split-screen co-op. Get ready to team up with your friends from the comfort of your couch as the two of you battle across the Star Wars universe. In this mode, you’ll be able to earn customization rewards and bring those upgrades with you to the online multiplayer battleground.

Preordering Battlefront II will give you extra content, including Last Jedi-themed costumes for Rey and Kylo Ren. The game is expected to come out by the end of 2017.

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