Nintendo Classic Mini SNES out this Christmas claims rumour

Earlier this week Nintendo confirmed that the Mini Classic NES was being discontinued worldwide, despite it being hugely popular and new consoles going for £200 or more on eBay.

They didn’t say why though, with the only obvious explanation being that they want to start selling individual retro games via the Nintendo Switch’s Virtual Console instead.

And yet today, website Eurogamer claims it has insider information that a Mini Classic SNES will be released in time for Christmas.

Eurogamer claims that the release of the Mini SNES is the main reason why the NES has been discontinued. But why Nintendo would feel they couldn’t just sell both at the same time (or at least keep the NES going until Christmas) is a mystery.

The SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was first released in Japan in 1990, and like the NES the Japanese and American versions looked very different – with Europe getting the more attractive Japanese version.

What we also got was more terrible PAL conversions, that often ran at a quarter of the proper speed with ugly black borders. So hopefully the Mini SNES will offer up the superior American versions of the games instead.

There should also be plenty of third party games, and we’d hope for the likes of Street Fighter II Turbo, Contra III, ActRaiser, and Super Castlevania IV.

But let us know what you’re hoping will be included via the comments below, or by sending us an email to the Inbox.

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