The Division 1.6.1 PTS out now

The next update for Tom Clancy’s The Division is due out some time in May for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Released today on the PC platform only is a Public Test Server (PTS) for players to test the next update and to help developers Massive iron out any bugs.

The update is largely centered around bug fixes and balancing, but it also introduces the long-awaited loadouts to The Division.

Loadouts were announced as being introduced to the game when plans for Year Two dropped back in March. The feature will be included with the first of two free expansions, with the first; content update 1.7 expected to arrive in late July or early August.

Loadouts offer players the chance to save their equipped Weapons, Gear, Skills and Talents to Loadout slots, allowing for quick swapping of builds to be used for different activities.

Players will be able to create and save up to 6 Loadouts per character. Each Loadout can be directly equipped when out of combat

The PTS is live now for PC players and is expected to run for around 2-3 weeks, with the full update due out in May.

Patch notes can be read here

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