Minecraft Plays a Prominent Role in New Japanese Commercial for Nintendo Switch

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition recently landed on the Switch. This is truly a game which benefits from the portability that the Switch offers, making it perhaps the ultimate version of Minecraft to play on-the-go.
Minecraft on Wii U was a big hit in Japan, with many Japanese gamers being introduced to the open world crafting game for the first time. Nintendo is wasting no time in pushing the delights of Minecraft on the Switch in the freshly-released commercial that you can see above.

In the video four young kids are shown, each with their own individual Switch to play on – one day we’re sure they will be as ubiquitous as the 3DS given how quickly the Switch sells out when it comes back into stock.

The video also showcases other multiplayer delights such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Ultra Street Fighter II and Super Bomberman R, which helps to hammer home the point that games are much more fun when played together with friends.
We thought it was a really well thought-out commercial for the Japanese region. Let us know what you think of this multiplayer marketing with a comment below.

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