The Pokémon Company is Planning a ‘New Card-Game’ App according to rumour

According to the The Wall Street Journal, The Pokémon Company is planning on building from the success of Pokémon GO and is working on another mobile release. The information, sourced to a pair of unnamed sources, has told the WSJ that the company is looking at making a ‘new card-game’ app. The Pokémon Company has declined to comment.
This is a slightly surprising report as there’s already a dedicated app for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and it’s worth noting that aside from GO there have been multiple iterations on the IP through various official apps and games on smart devices. There is scope for a new take on the card-playing formula, but as an area already covered in multiple ways by the company it’ll be interesting to see if this actually happens.

Elsewhere Nintendo boss Tatsumi Kimishima recently reconfirmed his company’s commitment to creating mobile titles at an investors meeting earlier in the year. The company intends to release two to three new smartphone games before the end of the financial year – March 2018.
This Pokémon rumour was presented alongside the report that Nintendo is working on a smartphone game based around The Legend of Zelda. Pokémon GO released in July last year and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, having been downloaded over 500 million times.
Could we see both Zelda and a new Pokémon app on mobile before the year’s end?

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