Capcom’s Future Output For Switch Depends On Ultra Street Fighter II Sales, States COO

Capcom President and COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto has revealed that the company’s ongoing support of the Nintendo Switch could depend on how well Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers performs at retail.

Speaking in a recent interview which has been translated over on NeoGAF, Tsujimoto stated that Capcom is thinking about ways to support the Switch while keeping an eye on sales data for the new version of Street Fighter II, which launches this week. What that actually means is open to interpretation; poor sales could show Capcom that gently warming up a decades-old game and selling it for a high price isn’t the way forward. Strong sales could have the opposite effect, triggering more original and feature-rich development. Perhaps Capcom already has big things in the works but simply wants to test the waters to see if retro-themed titles are also viable on the console.

Tsujimoto also spoke about how it was a “good year” for the traditional video game industry thanks to the arrival of PSVR, Nintendo Switch, and Project Scorpio. He went on to state that the important thing with the Switch is for software makers to respond to what gamers want, and he cites the DS and Wii as examples of hardware that performed strongly thanks to Nintendo showing the way forward with unique experiences tied to the system.

The company’s recent financial report appeared to suggest that it was taking the console very seriously and in the past Capcom has revealed that it is actively exploring the possibility of bringing its big cross-platform games to Switch. Capcom’s feedback regarding the amount of RAM inside the system was apparently taken into account by Nintendo when it was working on the Switch hardware, which would indicate that the company had some ambitious plans in mind – making Tsujimoto’s comment a little more puzzling.

Perhaps the Capcom COO is merely being cautious with his wording, or maybe something has been lost in translation. What do you make of these comments? Let us know with one of your own.

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