The Division: What i’d like to see next

I’ve been playing The Division since day 1, first on the PlayStation 4, now i play exclusively on PC. Before the game released, i’ll admit i was one of the first people to say that this title would be over-hyped after numerous delays. I decided to pick the game up after a friend had said to me how good it was and thought it would be good to play in a group, so i caved in. I can honestly say this is my personal favourite game i have played in the last 10 years. It excels in group based game-play, while can be played solo, i firmly believe if you have a group of friends to play with – do so! Whether its farming the open world or going manhunt in the Dark Zone, this game is a lot of fun.

Now over a year into the game, over 40 Days played between platforms, countless runs of Lexington complete (where i managed to get my Urban MDR) i feel i can give my opinion on just a few of the things i hope the developers Massive will bring to the table in the future. I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible and try to get out the important bits. Keep in mind there are more improvements i’d like to see.

Lets start with the open world (Light Zone). I personally believe we should see the addition of landmarks similar to the Dark Zone. It is great that there are roaming open-world bosses, however unless you know exactly where they are it can be difficult to consistently farm. In addition, these LZ landmarks should be a lot tougher. Currently we have a named boss surrounded by four to five red bar enemies which are honestly far too easy to kill. If i am max level/gear score i shouldn’t really be seeing these NPC’s.

Next i have a small opinion on the current High Value Target set-up we have. While i think it is amazing we have these targets, the difficulty scaling is spot on. However one thing i could never understand is the 99 Directive intel cap, when the highest weekly HVT is 45? This means i can do 2 out of a possible 10 to 12 targets. Personally i don’t think there should be a cap, or at least a higher one.

Now on to the sore subject of the Dark Zone (DZ). I have always had mixed feelings to the DZ, while i do strongly believe it should be a high risk-high reward area of the map, it really does not cater to solo players. Now i am primarily a solo player, occasionally play with friends or match-make, the solo experience is not the best. Massive did do a wonderful job with the expansion of Dark Zone north (DZ07-09) which made running into groups of 4 who just want to take you out a lot less common. Now this does still happen to me a fair bit, maybe its my bad luck? My personal solution in a perfect world would be a queue system very similar to Survival. If i play solo i’d like the option of only seeing other solo players (grouping disabled) for a more fair PvP experience.

In continuation on the subject of the DZ, i’d like to tackle the rouge system. Now from what i believe, the developers are looking into doing a re-work of the rouge system. Seeing as since the launch of the game over a year ago, it’s been pretty much un-touched. One thing i have always liked to see be implemented as a rule, is a system where if, lets say “John” is on manhunt with his group and he unfortunately dies, instead of a 30 second timer where he can respawn as a non-hostile agent and theoretically block his team-mates who are rouge,i think he should either not be able to re-spawn until his team-mates either die as well, or survive the manhunt. Now i know that might not be a popular decision, so as alternative i saw this on twitter i believe so this is not my idea. Lets say if “John” dies as rouge and re spawns to join his team-mates he should stay on the same timer as his friends. Either idea i think would change the way people play in the DZ as rouges.

Now to conclude this opinion piece, i’d like to say that Massive are truly one of the best developers i have seen when it comes to interacting and supporting the community. No other team have i known to do weekly State of the Game live-streams every single week, where they face any problems the game has and tackles it head on with the involvement of the community. Whatever it is they have planned for us with 1.7 and 1.8 i truly think they’ll knock it out of the park. Now that 1.6.1 is here and that the recent Elite Task Force is now over, i believe there are only good things ahead for The Division.

P.S Also give us a map expansion!

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