Gold Edition PS4 Slim Apparently Confirmed

Following a leak last week, the gold edition PlayStation 4 Slim model has now been confirmed, it seems. Twitter user Wario64 has somehow gotten a hold of the Target weekly ad for the week of June 11, which clearly shows the unannounced console; it’s described as a “limited” model.

The console is priced at $250, according to the ad, and will launch the week of June 11.

As of yet, the new gold model PS4 Slim is not confirmed, and Sony has not weighed in on the rumours. This is not the first time Target has leaked some big PlayStation news, as the store also let slip that the PS4 was dropping in price back in 2015.

If the leak is true, it’s unclear whether the new edition will launch worldwide or just in the US: different PS4 versions are sometimes not available in all territories, or come to some territories far later than others.

According to the packaging in the picture below, the gold variant will include a 1 TB hard drive, though it’s unclear if this is the only option that will be made available: the standard black PS4 Slim comes in both 500 GB and 1 TB variants.

Currently, the PS4 Slim is available in matte black and glacier white,

Keep checking back with us for more as it’s announced.


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