Nintendo Last At the Show

So Microsoft hit with the Xbox X and Sony came to E3 with a few trailers and some extended gameplay announcements and not much else! So for me its Nintendo’s crown to take and take it they will as for this afternoon the gaming giants will hit the stage at E3 but not in the traditional sense but via a Nintendo-Direct like spotlight and give us there best and new up and coming games for 2017. But what will they have I hear you ask? Well fair readers they will have Mario Odyssey and lets be quite frank here and say if they don’t have any Mario footage they may as well pack up there kits and run for the hills.  I foresee Xenoblade 2 being in there also as well as some form of Fifa demo and Arms gameplay. On top of all that they will Im sure show off Splatoon 2 which is fast becoming a classic Nintendo franchise as well as some digital games and store reboots.

For me thats enough to take the crown for this years E3 which has been something of a let down in terms of HUGE announcements. But where and when is this taking place? Well the times are as follows

Nintendo E3 2017 Spotlight Start Time

  • June 13 at 9 AM PT
  • June 13 at 12 PM ET
  • June 13 at 5 PM UK
  • June 14 at 2 AM AEST

The Spotlight will be followed by a treehouse live event where certain game plays and further footage will be player and announced.


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