The Crew 2 will let you switch between vehicles on the fly

While the first instalment of Ubisoft’s open world driving simulator didn’t exactly set the world on fire, I’m really looking forward to The Crew 2. I love driving very fast in video games, and flying very fast is quite nice too. As it turns out, you’ll be able to go from driving a car to flying a plane to captaining a boat with a single button press in Ubisoft’s next open world racer.

video credit; kyr sp33dy

This short video from The Crew 2 serves up over four minutes of footage from the game. Some may have seen it when the game was announced last week at E3. There’s a very impressive looking boat race through cave networks and plane races through the buildings of New York.

Let us know whether you will be picking the game up when it releases and what you think of the game play shown above in the comments below

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