Sony Confirms Infamous Dev’s New Game Still Happening

Infamous developer Sucker Punch Productions is making a new game, however there is not much known about it. The game was unfortunately nowhere to be seen at Sony’s E3 2017 briefing earlier this month, leading many to wonder what’s the latest on the long-in-development and unannounced title.

PlayStation Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said on the GameSpot stage at E3 that he has played the game many times. He continued, and it sounded like he was going to give away some details, but cut himself off, presumably to save the full reveal for later.

“I have played many, many more times of such game; and every time I play … I shouldn’t be talking any more,”he said. “It is a game. They are not making movies. It is now very narrow.”

In December 2015, PlayStation’s Scott Rohde said the Sucker Punch game was playable internally back then, saying he played an early version of the game with Yoshida at the time. He said the game was “fun” in the state he played it in, but mentioned that game development is a fluid process and things can change.

Sucker Punch, which is in fact owned by Sony, released its latest game, Infamous: First Light, back in August 2014. Sony definitely believes the Infamous series has a future, although Yoshida said earlier this month that Sony held back some game announcements from E3 for other events. It seems we may see a first look at this game at PlayStation Experience 2017.

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