SNES and NES mini, I don’t understand

I count myself lucky, I lived through a time when gaming really hit it off. The mid to late 90’s were a wonderful time to indulge in some video game fun and pop culture had my favourite characters at the forefront of everything. Mario cereal boxes, Sonic headphones, Cartoons on a Saturday morning but more importantly we had the consoles and the wars that came with it. Were you a SEGA guy or did you adore the little plumbing brothers more? It was playground chatter that never ended. Then came the 64 bit era, the Nintendo 64 and still my favourite the Jaguar (This console holds so many memories). The gaming landscape back then was different to now, with no internet you had to crawl magazines to get news and cheats, you had to borrow games from Blockbuster unless you had a birthday or christmas coming up, it was simply a different time.

So lets fast forward to now, the gaming world is different! Games are like major motion pictures and are accessible by billions of people. Every year we get the same game new skin thing and everyone buys in to it. So Nintendo did something different last year and released the NES mini, a version of the Nintendo console with a batch of games built in and a lovely new controller. Also you got to plug it in via HDMI and get a nice stable retro experience! Wow I sold it there. But what they didn’t foresee was the demand for it and only popped out a few of them to cover a huge demand. Prices Sky Rocketed and still to this day a £50 – £75 console will cost you well over £100.

So what do I not understand? Well it’s this…

Why not put a cartridge slot on them and re release the games? You own the TECH!!!! Imagine a world where you could buy a SNES mini and a fresh copy of Killer Instinct or Zelda? On your weekly shop you can grab Super Mario World for £20 along with a nice new control pad. Imagine that for a second, the NES mini sold 2.3 million units, add a cartridge slot to that and release say 10 games and you just outsold the Wii U and made more money on 1989 technology than you will on the Switch. The market is there yet Nintendo pop this out for a weird retro kick.

Nintendo could make a fortune, again! And I’m sorry but it would win the console war. A re-released SNES would set the world alight! How many new developers would come out with new games? How many studios would put out old games? The possibilities are endless and all Nintendo have to do is put in a cartridge slot!

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