SNES Rayman Game Re-Discovered In Playable Prototype

An unreleased Rayman game for the Super Nintendo, found after 24 years in 2016, has resurfaced with a playable demo.

The series creator Michel Ancel rediscovered the game last year, and now another game developer, Omar Cornut, has posted it to the web so anyone can play it. He’d previously said the game “was playable on the Super Nintendo console but was never finished.” It’s been verified that the build does run on PC, though do note you’ll need an emulator to play the “very early dev build.” Remember to be aware when using third-party software downloaded from the internet.

The Rayman game that never finsihed development to be can be played with most SNES emulators. While fun to play, it’s far from a complete game. The full download is only 1MB and contains one static area of a level with no enemies or items. Still, it’s a fascinating bit of platforming history.

The game has been said to feature two-player co-op, though Cornut told Kotaku that this early build doesn’t contain that feature. It seems Ubisoft shifted development of the project from SNES to support CD-based systems. It then came out in September 1995 for the PlayStation 1. The franchise has spawned numerous sequels, the latest in the series being 2013’s Rayman Legends.

Ancel is now working on Wild and Beyond Good & Evil 2, which was re-revealed at E3 2017.

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