WWE 2K18 roster ‘largest in gaming history’

WWE 2K18 will have the “largest roster in WWE gaming history” according to a newly released blog post from the developers.

“We are ready to share some insight into several of the exciting new features and improvements we are making for WWE 2K18,” explained Mark Little, Executive Producer at developers Visual Concepts.

Complete details of the games big changes can be found on a length developer post, here.

Much of this year’s game will be based on the MyCareer mode. That’s not to mean that there won’t be other modes, but it’s clear the development team has put a lot of time, effort and resources into improving MyCareer.

MyCareer will feature free roaming in backstage areas. What you’re able to do in these areas within the revamped mode is still currently a mystery. In any case, free roam is a term WWE 2K fans have been dying to hear for a while.

One area which they acknowledge wasn’t up to par in many fans eyes in 2K17 was the in-game commentary, which is also being changed. Working with the NBA 2K team, which is known for its authentic commentary quality, WWE 2K18 will feature Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves as the lead commentators.

While it can seem worrying to some to not have seen much of the game, considering the game is scheduled for release on October 17, developers Visual Concepts state more info is on its way. With the reveal of recent Hall of Fame inductee Kurt Angle as the pre-order bonus, we’ve still much to learn about WWE 2K18.

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