Pro Evo 2018 – This is Football!

Every year we are all aware that somethings just happen, Summer rain, winter is cold and we get a new round of sports games. It’s a normal team sheet update with latest transfers and some little overhaul of graphics with a new gameplay future. So what makes this year different? Well not much really, Fifa 18 is looking to be the most played sim around and it doesn’t look at lot different to last years outing to be fair. But Pro Evo 18 has just dropped a online beta and playing feels some what different to last years game, it has a feeling of football and by that I mean real football. Passes don’t always meet there target and overrun, shots feel right and to score a screamer from 35 yards needs to be something special as it would in the premier league. The commentary really does give you a feel like the two voices are actually watching the game. This is football and this years sports sims could be interesting!

Its very easy to go for the easy option and grab Fifa, its easy to plow time into Ultimate Team and have little or nothing to show for it come the end of the year. But I feel this year millions will buy the wrong game! Pro Evo 18 is football and if the whole game comes out with that feel, I actually think it could be the best football sim of all time. It just feels right!  The stadium graphics are stunning, the cutscenes are beautiful, the pitch flow is nice and most of all the way it plays feels right now perfect.

I urge you to give it a go, to break the norm a little and make Pro Evo great again!

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