Take-Two Are Very Optimistic About The Switch And Expects Sales To “Continue To Be Great”!

Take Two the company behind the sporting 2k titles have come out in full support of Nintendo’s lastest console outing! In recent call with Take Two’s chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick th company seem to be backing the system

We were excited six months ago and supportive. We’re excited now. We have NBA 2K and WWE 2K coming for Switch. The sales have been great. We expect sales to continue to be great, we’re very optimistic around the platform, we’re very supportive of Nintendo. So the only thing that’s changed in the last six months is our initial belief, has been reinforced by the early very strong results.

With two major release titles coming in the next few months the time to be a switch owner is now! With the latest console in the Nintendo family out selling the Wii in its first few months it would seem only time will tell. I for one adore my switch and with shops selling out as fast as they can get them I think many feel the same way. Both NBA 2k 18 and WWE 2k 18 hitting stores in the fall I will hope to see many of you in the ring or on a court of your choosing.



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