Horizon Zero Dawn’s first DLC, out this winter.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s first major expansion, “The Frozen Wilds,” will lead protagonist Aloy northward to a beautiful — and violent — territory on Nov. 7.

According to a teaser trailer shown at E3 2017 in June, most who dare to explore the northern regions go to hunt the unique and deadly machines that dwell there. Aloy, however, seeks “answers” and intends to reach an unstable mountain guarded by a terrifying monster.

Where the main game takes place in the Colorado area of the Rocky Mountains, that puts “The Frozen Wilds” in post-apocalyptic Wyoming, around what was once Yellowstone National Park. The shot in the trailer of the Grand Prismatic Spring seems to confirm this.

This means that what the players will visit could be a breached part of Yellowstone’s ancient caldera, an underground magma reservoir. Scientists have theorized that an eruption of this “supervolcano” would spew toxic ash for thousands of miles.

Horizon came out in March and was a success for Sony and PlayStation 4 from the get go, selling extremely strongly. Its a stunning graphical showcase – the PS4 Pro’s best 4K game. Horizon Zero Dawn add-on The Frozen Wilds will cost £16 and can be pre-ordered from the PlayStation Store.

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