New Rainbow Six Siege Update Out Now

Rainbow Six Siege has been undergoing a big overhaul, and now Ubisoft have detailed the game’s latest big update. Title Update 2.2.2 is out now, and it’s designed to set the stage for even bigger changes due soon.

The update’s most significant changess are to multiplayer servers. With the new patch, custom matches now have lower requirements for being hosted on dedicated servers. Previously, custom matches required a full lobby within ten minutes of starting a match to get dedicated servers, otherwise they would be hosted peer-to-peer. Also, the patch makes it so that you only need two players in a match to get dedicated servers. This should provide a more stable online experience.

In addition, the update changes the vaulting animation to better reflect where the player is aiming after they jump. Previously, there was small lag time between when a person landed from a vault and when the character model would show where they were aiming, which proved to be a big annoyance for players.

There are a lot of bug fixes and tweaks in the update, and you can see the full list here. Ubisoft also shared a couple of new features coming in Season 3, including better servers, the removal of peer-to-peer hosting, and LAN mode on PS4.

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