Pokemon Gold And Silver Getting Physical 3DS Release In Europe

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon aren’t the only Pokemon games coming to the Nintendo 3DS this year. Next month, the series’ second generation installments, Pokemon Gold and Silver, will launch as Virtual Console games in the 3DS Eshop, and players in Europe will have a chance to pick up boxed versions of them in stores.

Nintendo have announced on Twitter that packaged versions of the classic Pokemon games will release the same day they arrive in the Eshop, on September 22.

The boxed versions of the classic games are almost exact copies of the games’ original packaging when they first released for Game Boy in 2000. The boxes have a shiny finish and feature each title’s respective mascot Pokemon, the Legendaries Ho-Oh and Lugia. However you shouldn’t expect to find a cartridge inside your box. You will simply get a code for you to then enter via the 3DS eShop.

Pokemon Gold and Silver were the series’ first ever sequels. The games were set in the Johto region two years after the events of Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow. As well as being the first Pokemon games to feature full-coloured graphics, the pair introduced a number of important features to the series, including a day/night system, breeding, two new Pokemon types (Dark and Steel), as well as 100 new monsters. The Virtual Console releases will be compatible with Pokemon Bank, allowing players to transfer the Pokemon they catch to Sun/Moon and their upcoming alternate versions.

Pokemon Gold and Silver’s arrival is well-timed with mobile AR game Pokémon Go, which currently features Silver’s legendary bird Lugia. Gold’s legendary bird Ho-oh is expected in the future.

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