Rocket League getting exclusive Mario & Luigi cars

The Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League will have exclusive Mario and Luigi cars when it arrives this autumn.

The exclusive cars are identical except for a different colour and logo. Which one you get depends on the Rocket League team you’re on. Mario is for the Orange team, Luigi for the Blue.

What looks even cooler is the Samus Gunship car inspired by the Metroid series of games (pictured above). It looks like a cross between a high-end sports car and something out of Tron with glowing neon green wheels. Again, there’s a different car colouring for each team you play on.

All of the exclusive cars have their own unique boost trails as well. The plumbers have a Super Star trail while Samus’ Gunship has a Wave Beam. Also, there are Mario and Luigi hats for your car which just wreaks of awesome.

Rocket League for the Nintendo Switch was announced at E3, and will have cross-platform play with Xbox One and Steam but not PS4.

I have not yet owned nor played on a switch yet, however the Mario & Luigi exclusive cars may just be enough for me to grab one. Im a sucker for a bit of Super Mario. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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