The Division – Free ‘Resistance’ Update 1.8 Adds New Map Area & Game Mode

The Division’s free 1.8 Update is coming later this year for all platforms and it’s the biggest update for the game so far. It will be containing two new modes – the Resistance PVE mode and Skirmish PVP mode – and a West Side Pier map expansion. This will be open for all players and features a new Camp Clinton social space where players can gear up and meet up with other Agents.

In addition to new open-world activities, the West Side Pier is also the site of the two aforementioned modes. In Resistance PVE mode, up to four Division Agents have to take on waves of enemies from all factions. Survive for your chance to earn rewards.

The new PVP mode, Skirmish, pits two teams of four players against each other to score the highest number of kills before the timer runs out.

To read the full blog by Ubisoft click here.

Be sure to tune in to the Twitch reveal tomorrow here.

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