Destiny 2 getting HDR support after launch for PS4

There’s some good news for fans with newer HDR capaple displays – Destiny 2 will be gaining HDR, or high dynamic range support on the PlayStation 4 “soon” after launch.

HDR is a feature that increases the amount of colours, as well as their intensity, that can be shown on new televisions. It’s a hard thing to describe if you have not experinced it, but imagine a more vibrant & colourful image that seems as if it “pops” off the display. Its inclusion in newer televisions is a big part of why 4K displays can look so good when running newer hardware and games with HDR support.

In regards to the Microsoft made Consoles getting HDR support remains unanswered – and likely will be until after launch

The PC version of Destiny 2 already offers HDR and 4K resolution options on the PC beta if you have the hardware required to run and display the game at those settings, however that version of the game will be released on Oct. 24, while the console versions will be out on Sept. 6.

Let us know in the comments below what platform you will be playing Destiny 2 on.

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