Check out The Walking Dead’s AR game – ‘Our World’

AMC have announced that it is partnering with developer Next Games for another Walking Dead mobile game. Next Games has previously made No Man’s Land.

But this new game, Our World, is trying to get a piece of that Pokémon GO popularity. It’s an Augmented Reality game where players will walk around in the real world, fighting zombies. Sounds awesome, right?

It is a little hard to get a grasp of what the game will be like based off of the initial trailer, seen below. We see players fighting zombies with real weapons, helped by CGI versions of show characters like Daryl and Rick. But what we don’t see is what the actual game looks like when you’re playing it, so it’s tough to know what the final product will be like.

It has a lot of resemblance to the first Pokémon GO trailer, where there was almost no gameplay shown and holographic Pokémon flew around real-world maps. It definitely looked too good to be true, but even if there are no floating hologram Pokémon in the current game, the final version did do really well.

I desperately want this to work. Pokémon GO has proven to be extremely popular even after a year since its release. However, i want a game I can play on my own without having to rely on multiple people to make any progress. It seems like on its face, The Walking Dead: Our World could be amazing.

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