Fallout 4 Might be coming to Nintendo Switch

The Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim may not be the only game Bethesda release coming to the Nintendo Switch, if a leaked retail listing is to be believed. According to a Spanish retail post that appeared and was quickly taken down, Bethesda may be preparing a Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition for the Nintendo’s newest console.

The Fallout 4 GOTY Switch Ediion listing appeared early Saturday and lasted a few hours before eventually being taken down. When it comes to retail listing takedowns they can go one of two ways: some are taken down because they went live too early, while others are taken down because they are incorrect. So take the listing with a pinch of salt

Foreign retailers tend to list non-existent products more often than any others. But plenty of times they are right, so it’s worth looking at the leak in its entirety and trying to figure out if the Nintendo Switch is really getting a Fallout 4 port.

The biggest thing against the rumor is that the listing said the game will come out with the other versions of the Game of the Year Edition on September 26th. If Bethesda is planning to release this port, surely there would have been a formal announcement by now.

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