Mini Commodore 64 Is Releasing Next Year

Another retro machine will be getting the plug-and-play treatment. Retro Games Limited has announced it is releasing a miniature version of the Commodore 64.

Like other miniature systems, the C64 Mini is a small replica of the 1982 console. It features HDMI output, two USB ports, supports save states, and comes pre-loaded with a selection of games, such as Impossible Mission, Armalyte, and California Games. You can find the full list of titles on the product’s website.

Retro Games Limited hasn’t announced a release date for the C64 Mini, but the console is expected to arrive in early 2018 and will retail for £70.
The C64 Mini is the latest in a line of mini retro consoles to be announced after the NES & SNES Classic.

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