GTA 5 Story DLC Won’t Happen

Rockstar Games never actually promised it would release story mode expansions for Grand Theft Auto V, however some fans always hoped the devs would. Grand Theft Auto IV had some great story add-ons with The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost And Damned. With GTA V they have instead focused on updates for GTA Online, where there have been many, awesome updates. In an interview with Game Informer, Rockstar design director Imran Sarwar has explained that it was “not really a conscious decision” to not release single-player expansions for GTA V. Instead, it “just happened” to work out that way, he told Game Informer.

Sarwar added they “would love to” make single-player DLC for other games in the future. “As a company we love single-player more than anything, and believe in it absolutely–for storytelling and a sense of immersion in a world, multiplayer games don’t rival single-player games. With GTA V, the single-player game was absolutely massive and very, very complete,” Sarwar said.

Explaining why GTA V never got any single-player expansions, Sarwar added that it came down to the company’s focus on its next big game, Red Dead Redemption 2. For GTA V, “We did not feel single-player expansions were either possible or necessary, but we may well do them for future projects.”

The whole interview is worth reading over at Game Informer. Let us know in the comments below if you would have loved to see more story involving Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

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