Pokemon Crystal Coming To 3DS

Nintendo brought the Pokemon second-generation titles, Gold and Silver, to the 3DS earlier this year. However, their third version, Pokemon Crystal, had not been announced for a return. Until now, as Nintendo announced this week the Game Boy Color game will join its predecessors on the 3DS Eshop next month.

The classic game will arrive on 26th January 2018. In Europe, it will receive a limited boxed version that comes in a replica Game Boy Color style and contains a download code for the game. You can watch the trailer for Pokemon Crystal below.

Pokemon Crystal is an enhanced version of Gold and Silver. It has exactly the same story and setting, however it was expanded with new content, such as a subplot that revolves around Johto’s Legendary pocket monster, Suicune.

Just like the Eshop versions of Gold and Silver, any Pokemon you catch you can transfer to the Pokemon Bank service and use them in the latest games; Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The 3DS version also features wireless communication, allowing players to battle and trade with one another locally.

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