Nintendo need Pokémon to come out on Switch this year

When it was officially confirmed that a Pokémon game for the Switch was in development, neither Nintendo nor developer Game Freak have revealed many details on the project.

Without any confirmed information, it means that fans are left to speculate & hope, that Nintendo’s newest console truly delivers with what fans want with a true Pokémon console game.

One of the longest rumors, before the Nintendo Switch Pokémon game was officially announced, was that a port of Pokémon Sun and Moon was in development and would be called Pokémon Star. With the lack of new first Party games for the Switch, Nintendo need to unleash the Pokémon game this year.

While any Pokémon game on the Switch would be amazing, hopefully, Game Freak will not do a Sun and Moon re-hash. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon have already given fans a chance to jump back into that game’s story so hopefully that is the last we see of that particular series.

Local multiplayer battles could be one of the biggest features to a Pokémon game for Nintendo’s Handheld/Console hybrid. Just imagine playing with friends out and about in the real world, similar to Pokemon GO.

It seems incredibly likely that Pokémon will come to the Switch, especially if it replaces Nintendo’s current line of handhelds. But the Pokémon games we might see on the Switch would be more of the Sun/Moon variety rather than a mobile phone game like Pokémon GO.

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