Over 100 Gen 3 Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO

More Pokemon originally from Ruby and Sapphire have arrived in Pokemon Go. Players can now find and catch more monsters originally from the Hoenn region in the popular mobile game.

In addition to the extra pocket monsters, the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza will also be available from February 9 to March 16. Players will be able to encounter the powerful Dragon-type Pokemon as a Raid Battle at Gyms. Rayquaza is the third Legendary Pokemon from Gen 3, following Groudon and Kyogre.

This new batch of Pokemon are primarily of Flying- and Dragon-types, such as Salamence, Altaria, Tropius, and Metagross. The previous batch of Gen 3 Pokemon included a number of Ground-types like Flygon, Aggron, and Camerupt.

Now players have more than 100 Gen 3 Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go. To celebrate the update, every Pokemon that players encounter in the wild from February 9-13 will originate from the Hoenn region. Niantic is also offering special boxes that include Raid Passes, Incubators, and Star Pieces from the in-game store until February 23.

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