Pokémon On Switch Could Be ‘Generation Eight’

The long awaited Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch is more than likely quite a long way away from being announced. Who knows, maybe we’ll see an official reveal for the game during E3. This seems unlikely as i believe Nintendo want to push the new Smash Bros game as much as possible.

Although with new information that appears to confirm at least some information about the title.

Posted online by Twitter user @raqueruu, these images below show segments from the Spanish edition of the Official Nintendo Magazine. The small section talking about Pokémon for Switch indicates that we will see the eighth generation of the series, and that The Pokémon Company are rethinking the saga to surprise fans with new mechanics.

If this turns out to be true, an eighth generation of pocket monsters would suggest a new region to explore as well as new Pokémon to battle. The “new mechanics” reference is also interesting, as this could hint at a completely new format for the games; open world, perhaps?.

We recommend taking this information with a small pinch of salt until any announcements come from either Nintendo or The Pokémon Company themselves.

What do you think about this potential news?

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