Bethesda deny Fallout 76 will go free-to-play

We’d be lying if we said Fallout 76 had a great launch. Perhaps it could be classed as the worst video game launch in history (including No Mans Sky). A recent rumor stated the game was about to turn free-to-play, according to sources stating Australian retailer EB Games are reportedly pulling copies of Fallout 76 from store shelves.

Following a post on Twitter in which a Fallout 76 player complained that if it was going free-to-play, they would want a refund, Bethesda replied to say there is no truth to this rumour.

If the game were ever to go down the free-to-play route this would allow more players to play the latest Fallout title, however Bethesda would still need to find a way to deal with dissatisfied customers who already paid full price for it.

Would you play Fallout 76 even if it was free?

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