Sony gives first details on next-gen console

“this is no mere upgrade”

Sony has finally released juicy details about its upcoming PlayStation console.

Gamers all over the world have been waiting patiently to find out any information about the next console, dubbed “PS5”.

Sony’s lead console architect Mark Cerny has released information about what new features we can expect to see.

In an interview with Wired, he reveals it will be much faster, more powerful and include improved audio with 8K graphics, ray tracing, SSDs, and PS4 game & PlayStation VR backwards compatibility.

the next-gen console will support 8K graphics

8K Graphics does seem a bit far out there, especially seeing as we’ve only really just got into 4K, there aren’t many 8K panels available right now. Plus that is going to take A LOT of horse power to drive. Modern PC’s can barely handle 4K at a steady frame rate. 8K will more than likely be up-scaled, a lot. I’m personally hoping for ultra-wide monitor support.

Don’t expect to be able to buy one this year – you’ll have to wait until at the very least next year to see it in store.

It’s also worth noting that Sony will not be at E3 this year, so we can rule out any kind of reveal on what the console will look like during the expo.

Read the full article from Wired here. Are you excited for a new console?

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