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Mass Effect Andromeda

Battlefield One looked stunning on the frostbite engine, Fifa even had its moments but here we are with a brand new game on this wonderful graphics engine which according to EA will make any game look great. But Bioware have actually managed to screw it up, ladies and gentlemen welcome to Mass Effect Andromeda


Gravity Rush

I have to admit something here, yep! I’m a late bloomer to the PS Vita and I have so much to get through and I’ll be quite frank some games are just pick up and put down handheld titles but there are a few that are drawing me in to


New Little Kings Story

New Little King’s story is a hybrid, its not quite a team builder and its not quite a JRPG. It kind of sits in the middle of the two and what it does it actually does very very well. In the game you play as King Corobo, with his charm


Final fantasy XV

Final Fantasy games really do not need any introduction at all. They are one of the hottest game franchises ever made. For years they have been cosplayed and so many people have there ringtone set to the Final Fantasy sound its unreal. A cultural phenomenon maybe? But here we stand


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