A Way Out


A Way Out: A Promising Co-Op Prison Break Game

A Way Out: A Promising Co-Op Prison Break Game
EA kicked off E3 in good fashion, they will be publishing a new game called A Way Out, which is being made by the people behind the fantastic Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It’s a cinematic prison break game where you control one of two unlikely partners thrown together in a common cause. The game is built entirely as a co-op experience, meaning you can’t play it solo, though I’m sure some intrepid gamers will make it work. It can be played in splitscreen or online. Brothers was a really good game (if you haven’t played it, play it!), and A Way Out looks like a promising evolution of a lot of the ideas that game explored. Let us know what you think and be sure to stay tuned to we site for more E3 news!


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