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Mighty Morphin Final Fantasy DLC could be delayed

Mighty Morphin Final Fantasy DLC could be delayed
The guys over at Square Enix recently revealed details of the new Final Fantasy XV DLC thats coming very soon, but one part of that is due to change before release, possibly due to some very serious legal concerns. Earlier this week, SE announced the BOOSTER PACK for FF XV, slated with a February 21st release date.  Bundled within the DLC is the very stunning yet very familiar Magitek Exosuit, this brand new set of outfits four you and your travelling friends provides a “advantage” and an “exhilarating experience” during battles, What they actually do we do not  as yet no, but that’s not the problem. The Magitek Exosuit The problem is, many including this writer can see a very strong resemblance to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from the up and coming movie ...


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